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  • * July 7-9, NY Bee Wellness Workshop- Honeybee Disease & Management
    When: July 7-9, 2017
    Where: Morrisville State College, Morrisville NY (Madison County)
    Featured instructors: Medhat Nasr, PhD, Alberta Canada, Jennifer Tsuruda PhD, Clemson University

  • 3 options to attend:
     1) Friday, July 7, 7-9pm session, Medhat Nasr, PhD presentation; “What is killing our bees: looking north of the 49 Lessons Learned”,    open to all, General Admission, 20.00

      2) Saturday, July 8, 9-5pm, Lecture and Demo, open to all, General Admission, 50.00

      3) Special 2 day Session– Sunday and Saturday, July 9 is the field and lab session, 9-5pm Workshop, enrollment limited to 24 participants; participants must meet requirements* and also attend the Saturday session,150.00, add Friday evening (20.00 extra) for the full 3 day event. (*1- must have at least 2 years of beekeeping experience, 2- be willing to teach others at the club or group level)
  • This award winning program concentrates on the skills needed to address honey bee disease and management.

    * Alberta Canada provincial apiculturist Medhat Nasr was received the Roger A. Morse Outstanding Teaching/Extension Service/Regulatory Award.He has over two decades of research, teaching and extension work with the Ontario Beekeepers’ Association, Rutgers University, and, for the past 15 years, in Alberta. Developed both the Bee Health App, and the Varroa alcohol wash shaker jar.
    * Apiculture Specialist, Clemson University;  Jennifer Tsuruda.
    Originally from California, Jennifer has been studying honey bees for over 15 years. She received her PhD at the University of California at Davis and was a postdoc researcher at Purdue University (in Indiana) and has studied honey bee foraging behavior, reproductive physiology, behavioral resistance to mites, and genomic imprinting.

    More details TBA

    Questions?, contact Pat Bono: workshop@nybeewellness.org

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