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Dead Out Clinics


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    Winter Deadout Key

    A dichotomous key for help diagnosing honeybee deadout colonies following winter in the Northeastern USA

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    Spring Loss Check List

    Potential Reasons for Honey Bee Colony Loss - Spring Checklist
    The following checklist will assist you in determining why you have DEAD or DYING hives in the spring. A colony with a tiny cluster of live bees should be considered dead.
    You can check this list in the fall and try to prevent the same problems for next winter. Print this checklist before going to the yards this spring.
    -Ontario Beekeepers Assoc, Tech-Transfer Program

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    Spring colony Management

    When checking on colonies in the early spring, you may come accross a wide range of population levels, food stores, states of queens and varroa levels. This pamphlet can help you decide the best approach for what you might find in your bee yard in early spring.
    -Fact sheet from the Canadian Ontario Tech Transfer page:

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