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Nosema Quiz

  1. 1. Nosema infects the epithelial cells of the bee's ventriculus or commonly referred to as the________

  2. 6. Recently a second species of Nosema has been reported,_____________, the earlier species is Nosema api,s of the 2, chose the one believed to be more detrimental to honey bees.

  3. 2. Honey bees become infected by nosema after ingesting their

  4. 7. The infective agent can be transmitted among colonies as a result of, drifting, robbing, at water sites, HOWEVER the most important site of contamination within the colony is combs contaminated with bee________

  5. 3. Fortunately there is a medication against both Nosema diseases, its trade name is

  6. 8. Once, Nosema disease was believed to be caused by a microscopic protozoan, common ones in high school labs were parameciums and amoebas, Kingdom Protista. We now know that Nosema is a__________ in the Kingdom Fungi. When you think of fungi, some common ones are black bread molds, Bracket fungi, Morels and mushrooms.

  7. 4. Once the bee's midgut is infected the vegetative state of the disease occupying the cells of the midgut produce more__________and the cells of the midgut burst and release the___________into the midgut cavity where they may take two routes reinfect the midgut or pass through the digestive system along with the bee's___________.(In order)

  8. 9. Nosema spores can remain viable for at least one year and can be found in many places, which is the correct answer?

  9. 5. By pulling apart a bee and exposing its midgut, the ventriculus, one finds it to be swollen and dull grayish white and its normal circular constrictions similar to those on an earthworms body are absent-- Nosema is likely the problem? (True or False)

  10. 10. A more accurate way to determine the degree of infestation is to use a_________.

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