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Record Keeping

Record keeping is very important in assessing the growth or decline of a hive, and it’s queen.
There are various examples, according to interest or focus.
Bloom times, weather, etc.
Individual colony: amount of brood, Queen, honey collected
Condition of a particular apiary: number of hives, average honey crop, mortality

Tech Transfer Program

IPM: Monitoring & Record Keeping (PDF)

From Beekeepers of Southern California:

Internet Online Record Keeping:

HiveTracks.com -keeps copies of records for Free
BeeTight.com -Free for 6 or less hives, 15.00/year for up to 100 hives, plus Mobile App


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    Bee Tight

    Beetight is a free web application for beekeepers and is the best way to manage your hives and track them online or on your phone. You'll wonder how you ever survived with the old notebooks and spreadsheets! All hive types are supported, including Langstroth polyLangstroth, WBCWBC, BeehausBeehaus, NationalNational, WarreWarre, TBHTop bar hives.

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