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SHB & Chalk Brood Quiz

  1. 1. The beetles lay their eggs inside the bee hive. Upon hatching, the beetle larvae tunnel their way into wax combs eating what four things?

  2. 4. Upon reaching maturity the beetle larvae crawl out of the hive and do what in the soil?

  3. 2. In 3 to 4 weeks these beetles will emerge from the soil as adults and are capable of flying ________ distances to find new colonies to begin their cycle again.

  4. 5. The adult beetles are small about a quarter of an inch long, and although they look like beetles of similar sizes and colors a distinguishing feature is that their antennae are

  5. 3. For mummified larvae, the white colored ones in particular look like _________.

  6. 6. Chalkbrood disease is spread by ________.

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