Use of Oxalic Acid on Honey Bees

Use of Oxalic Acid on Honey Bees   

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  • Can be used as a dribble/trickle, vapor, or spray.
  • Most effective on broodless colonies
  • Can be used on newly hived bees (package or swarms) within 9 days of hiving.
  • Once diluted in solution, oxalic will degrade quickly. Can be refrigerated few a few days only.
  • Use protective gear.
  • Cannot be used when honey supers are on hive.


Randy Oliver’s page:


Protocol  from the Canada OBA Tech Transfer Program: oxalic-acid-protocol OBA TTP


Detailed instructions: Oxalic- approved label with detailed instructions



Use only in late fall or early spring when little
or no capped brood is present. Oxalic Acid Dihydrate
might damage bee brood. Oxalic Acid
Dihydrate will not control Varroa mites in
capped brood.
Do not use when honey supers are in place
to prevent contamination of marketable
Apply only when monitoring indicates
treatment is required. Consult state
guidelines and local extension experts for
monitoring protocols and thresholds for



December, a broodless period in the hive, is the best time for treating for mites with an oxalic dribble.

* Short videos on oxalic dribble technique:



2a) Close-up version,


oxalic dribble


Oxalic acid A prospective tool for reducing Varroa; M. Ellis, University of Nebraska; 2009

Randy Oliver’s Power Point on Oxalic usage: