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June 7/8 Workshop

June 7/8, Saturday/Sunday, Wappingers Falls NY (Dutchess County), 9a-5p each day

NY beekeeping clubs sponsor a team to attend the workshop, as an investment to the beekeepers in their community. The workshops are also a way to prepare for the EAS Master Beekeeper. The intent is to guide beekeepers in how to check their hives like a bee inspector, or as close as possible, using a very low student/teacher ratio. Intensive 2 day, skills oriented, hands on workshops, these are part of a 3 year Train the Trainer program to teach beekeepers techniques in diagnosing, treating, and preventing honey bee diseases. Primarily targeting New York beekeepers with less than 10 years experience and women beekeepers, participants from other states are welcome as space permits.

The program is divided into 2 levels:

*Tier I (the Trainers), attend the intensive workshop, should have at least 2 years of beekeeping experience (including Winter), some teaching experience whether it be as a primary instructor or as an assistant, recommendation from a beekeepers group or a CSA or other agriculture group that you intend to teach, describe why they wished to join the program, and complete online reading assignments in preparation for the workshop.

*Tier II are the beekeepers that will be taught by the Tier I trainers at their local club or organization as a group. NY Bee Wellness volunteers will also provide mentorship and teaching tools at the this level.

Diseases covered are American & European Foulbrood, Nosema, Mites, Chalk Brood, Viruses, CCD, and other bee maladies.

Topics include:

  • record keeping & use of surveys
  • Specimen collection for in field testing
  • How to prepare specimens for lab diagnosis
  • Microscope use
  • accessing resources online
  • preparing an outline for teaching a group
  • mentoring

Surveys will be presented in the workshop and all participants in the workshop are strongly encouraged to complete the surveys as a means to establish the efficacy of the workshop.

Tier I instructors are experts in the field of apiculture such as Dr. Larry Connor, Diana Sammataro, and the Ontario Tech Transfer team of Canada.


200.00 for the first participant from a group

100.00 for each additional participant from the same group

Note: organizations may opt to cover costs of the workshop as an investment for their group

After your registration is received an invoice will be sent. When payment is received, your registration will be considered complete. You will then receive instruction on preparing for the workshop.