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Video- Randy Oliver’s Latest Work October 25 2022

Randy Oliver’s Latest Work October 25 2022

0:00, Begin 0:47, Start of slides 01:24, Main areas of Focus 3:07, Summer Mite Treatments- Propolis 4:54, Appropriate Treatment for Time of Season 6:32, Oxalic 16:30, Extended Release Oxalic Acid 19:30, Vermont Authorization for extended release oxalic acid 24:00, Bee/Mite drift, Immigration 24:27, Entrance guard, Robber screen field trials 32:21, Other cotton matrices with OAE, field trials 35:56, Titration of residual acidity of oxalic after application 1:00:33, Tracking using fluorescent tracer 1:02:39. Whether oxalic on bees’ cuticle affects volatiles sensed by mites 1:05:44, Thymol 1:09:55, Support ScientificBeekeeping 1:10:23, Tracheal Mites 1:13:29, Q & A 1:13:44, Thymol, essential oils 1:17:18, Vermont legislation, re: oxalic 1:18:29, Thymol with honey supers 1:19:35, Rotation of mite treatments 1:22:00, Apivar 1:27:40, Difficulty of breeding for resistance to varroa mite